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Benefits Using MM Sustainable Foundations

Increases construction speed.

When using a pile foundation, you do not need to dig a pit, level the area, wait until the concrete hardens. Immediately after the foundation is submerged in the ground, construction can continue. The screw piles are ready-to-use immediately and do not need to be cut. And the flange connection allows you to use any materials to continue construction.

Suitable for difficult terrain.

Ideal for uneven areas.

Groundscrews saves time &  money.

You do not spend money on concreting, lubrication with anti-corrosion agents and other protective work. MM Sustainable piles are galvanized outside and inside.

Perfectly withstand loads down, up and sideways.

Due to the special design there is no "frost heaving" effect of the soil.

Long Lasting

The minimum guarantee in soils with highly aggressive environments is 35 years. Medium aggressive - 128 years old. The service life is not limited on neutral soils.

Can be installed at any time of the year.

Steel helix on the tapered part and pointed forged tip facilitate installation in dense and frozen ground.

MM Sustainable Foundations Applications


Fencing Systems

Screw foundation is successfully used for garden and industrial fences, including when it is necessary to provide a high degree of security. Modern installation technologies allow building fences of any complexity with the highest accuracy, regardless of the height differences of the construction site.


Solar Panel Installations

Screw foundations are widely used in the energy industry. Speed, efficiency, versatility, reliability - all this allows installing structures at an industrial pace and volume, while at the same time with minimal financial costs.


Hydraulic structures

The foundation on screw-in piles is in demand for the construction of piers, lifts, bridges and other hydraulic structures. Installation does not require any preparatory work, due to the protective coating of the piles are not subject to corrosion. Another important advantage is the ability to work at any time of the year, including on ice.


Municipal, household and landscape Infrastructure

Structures on screw foundations allow you to quickly and with minimal cost improve any territory, regardless of the features of the landscape. Thanks to point-to-point installation, almost any ideas are possible, and without any damage to nearby object.

Keep your love ones safe!


Advertising and road structures

Advertising and road structures on screw piles - efficiency and economic benefits in their purest form. The low price and ease of installation are combined with the possibility of installation on various types of surface - from the already laid asphalt pavement to the lawn.


Foundation Repair

Screw piles are able to provide invaluable assistance not only in construction but also in the case when the foundation is already constructed buildings can no longer cope with stress. 


Structure Support

The basis of the pile-screw foundation is the drill-screw piles. Each pile is a steel pipe, cased on a cone, with a welded steel spiral of the required length.

Drill-screw piles is the small diameter blades. It allows:

• make the pile sink with small torques, and this greatly facilitates its screwing in;

• perform work close to existing buildings;

• mount the pile, even in rocky and sandy soils.

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